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..::It was only a kiss::..

How did it end up like this?

Kerry Ann
3 June 1988
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Date Created:2003-06-09
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Kerry Ann. 18 going on 19. liberal. older sister. younger sister. proud aunt. aspiring authoress. actress in training. social butterfly. cell phone whore. movie buff. smiley user. loud and obnoxious. doesn't take shit from anyone. anime nerd. slash fan. Harry Potter purist. Lord of the Rings geek. fangirl at heart. teenager.
Strengths: Writing, listening, being snarky, laughing, playing Solitaire
Weaknesses: Blood, children, cleaning things, organization, making people feel better
Special Skills: Writing and RPing and selling tickets
Weapons: A quick and witty tongue
Personal Quote: Don't worry, be happy.

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I have been blacklisted. Number nine on the dreaded (and also deceased) Idolblacklist. Heaven forbid you read my journal, you might be corrupted and or scarred for life.

You have been warned.

Please enjoy your stay.


For my fanfiction journal go here: stolenwhispers
For my photo and spam journal go here: memoriesbroken


I suck at making icons. If I'm using one of your icons and it is not credited and you want it to be just tell me and I'm more than happy to let everyone know who made it.


When you've got friends like these....

ohsobulletproof: ...spoon?
obsessivewhore: fork?
ohsobulletproof: together we make THE ALMIGHTY JORLY SPORK!


ohsobulletproof: *reading your comment* shit. you know me like the back of your hand
echoingvista: i do... *looks at hand* OMG WHAT IS THAT?


slash_puppy: bwah. I want to make something
slash_puppy: something.... Potter-y
slash_puppy: but not pottery
slash_puppy: because I have no clay
slash_puppy: but I'd like to have Clay


Conversations over Gaby's brand spanking new digital camera.


Mom: Look at all the dials and buttons on that thing.

Gaby: What do you think that "Share" button does?

Dad: If you press it, the camera flips it's hair and sings, "Dooo youuu believe in life after love?"


Chey: It says, "Turn Camera On." How the heck do you turn on a camera?

Gaby: Play a little soft music...

Dad: Light some candles...

Gaby: Tell it how pretty it is...

Mom: Enough!

End Scene.


kituralb: Oh, I have a life. It's just currently on hiatus.


ohsobulletproof: next time i get paid i should pick up a Slytherin shirt for you XD
slash_bunny: i'd love you forever
slash_bunny: not that i already dont
slash_bunny: but still
ohsobulletproof: haha. you love me for the gifts i shower you with XD <3333
slash_bunny: of course. lol. nah. i love ya because you're you
ohsobulletproof: aww, and i love you because... um... you love me? no, because you're purrrrrrrrfect
slash_bunny: lol i'm far from purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect
ohsobulletproof: yeah, sure. modest are we?
slash_bunny: sweetie, if i was purrrrrrfect, wouldnt i have someone already?
ohsobulletproof: honey, i said you were purrrrrrfect. not everyone else who can't see it.


ohsobulletproof: did you get those Jon wallpapers from that journal that was friends only?
echoingvista: ooh, yees, i did
ohsobulletproof: i'll have sex with you if you give them to me
echoingvista: ... you wouldn't have sex with me anyway?
ohsobulletproof: um... damn... i need something else to bribe with.
ohsobulletproof: um..... what about cookies?


Words to live by...

Clay on SNL, Thoughts On:

echoingvista: it's almost as if we were fucking someone, and they came prematuraly. and now we're just like... "well NOW what?"


On the 2004 Oscars:

boom_wombat: It should be called the "come watch LOTR kick your ass" awards.


On Clay Aiken:

pseudolove: We don't need him to be gay, just like you shouldn't need him to be straight


Hasta manana, always be mine
Viva forever
I'll be waiting
Like the sun
Live forever
For the moment
Ever searching for the one

--Spice Girls: Viva Forever


Banners and things....

*waves her banner*

title or description

title or description

A proud Texas Lolly

Jon Peter Lewis is AI3 love.

Want to Get Sorted?

a Gryffindor!

I'm a fan of Diana DeGarmo.

constantine maroulis is love

Scott McNeil is totally awesome love!

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