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READ THIS [Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 2:42PM]

So, two very longwinded... (what's the opposite of rants?) endorsement/promotion/squee-tastic event talks ahead.

#1. I'm sure I haven't mentioned this before so here it is: Queerios, the Austin Rocky Horror Picture show shadow cast, which (you all should know by now) I have been apart of for nearly a year now, has been invited to perform at the Hippodrome in Waco, Texas on October 30th. The Hippodrome theatre seats about 900 people and we're expecting an audience of around 500. Which is huge (gigantic, enormous) for us (we're lucky to get 100 people). We've known about his as a cast for a few weeks now, and in the last few days the cast list went up. I'm playing Magenta and TRIXIE!!!! (For those unfamiliar with RHPS in the theatre, Trixe is the stripper who dances to Science Fiction/Double Feature at the very beginning of the show.) Meaning aside from the pre-show announcements, I am going to be the first one this huge ass audience sees. I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!

Ahem, squeeing done (for now). What I really wanted to say was I would really, really love it if anyone and everyone I know in Texas would come down to Waco and see us. Its only an hour and a half drive from Keller (Journey, you're excused... this time ;D), and I know its on a Thursday and everything, but the show starts at 10:00 pm instead of midnight. The movie runs about two hours, so you'd be home at 2 AM at the latest. The tix are only $9.69 and you can buy them here. Please consider it, yall. I would really love it if you could come see us! Even if you can't go, tell your friends, family, sworn enemies, ANYONE who might be interested and could possibly makae it down to see us.


#2. Repo! The Genetic Opera. I know I've talked about this before, but I can't help but mention it again. The soundtrack came out on Tuesday and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I've recently joined the Repo Army (basically the street team for the movie) so expect to hear abou a lot of Repo related stuff in an effort to get you people to care (or at least pay attention to it). Again here's the website, so feel free to go and click around. For those of you who skipped over my last Repo squee post here's the basic plot synopsis:

In the no-so-distant future, a worldwide epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: GENECO, a biotech company that offers organ transplants...for a price. Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession and hunted by THE REPO MAN.

Cue scary music here. The trailer is much better at explaining it. Watch it!

Its a rock opera and the music is amazing (one of the song titles in the trailer is We Started This Opera Shit). For those unaware I had the good fortuneto go to an advance screening at a film festival here in Austin (where I met the director and writer/producer/actor/artist, but you can read about that here) so I can tell you from experience that this movie is the shit. If you still need convincing here are some of the actors involved: Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Bill Moseley, Ogre from Skinny Puppy, Paris Hilton, and Terrence Zdunich (aforementioned writer/producer/actor/artist that I got to meet!!!). And yall, Paris Hilton didn't suck ass! I'm actually not sure how to feel about her now beause she was very impressive in the film. Once again here's the website. Please watch the trailer (seen above) and pass it on. If you like what you see there are other film clips available on the website. If you like what you hear buy the soundtrack on Amazon.

Okay, that was the promotion part of my Repo! rant, now comes the selfish part.

The movie officially premiers on November 6th in Las Vegas. Raini, Bucket, (Spencer) and I really (really, really x a million) want to go. Raini has an uncle out there who offered to let us stay with him if we can make it out there. So really, we're just trying to get money together for the plane ticket and the rental car. According to Raini roundtrip tix would run us around $230 a piece and other $180 for a rental car for the three days we're planning on being out there.

I'm not here to beg for money (though if you would like to donate I certainly would not mind) but to ask for suggestions on how to make money in a short amount of time (any "work the corner" comments will be ignored :P). I can't put a whole lot of out-of-pocket cash in so I'm trying to find other ways to get the cash together. I think Bucket and I might go sell plasma (you can get 50 bucks a week doing that). What we're doing is getting a cash jar and we're all just going to dump money in it and see how much we have by the time we need to have the plane tix. So, ideas anyone? I'm, unfortunately, not very crafty but I can write fic. Would it be illegal to write fics for donations? Maybe Bucket and I could go downtown one weekend and just sing on a street corner (yes, Austin is that weird)? HALP ME!


And scene.

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Kerry Ann
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Wedding stuff [Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 2:54PM]
I know its a little early to be thinking about this stuff, but Spencer and I have been putting together a tentative guest list, just to see what the roundabout number would be, and it got me wondering about who I'd like to invite. And the answer here is clear: everyone who would like to come of course (within reason, for example, I have to - you know - know who you are).


Since I can't have polls on this journal, click here to fill it out on my other LJ.

In other wedding news, Spencer and I are talking to a friend of ours who does photography who is doing our engagement photos. SO EXCITED.

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Kerry Ann
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Copied from my other journal [Thu, May 29, 2008 at 1:52PM]

I think I'm leaking gray matter.

Clay Aiken: Dad to be?

What the hell. What. The. Hell.

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So, You May Have Seen This Before But If You Haven't.... [Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 8:10AM]
Borrowed from anandrine!Journey.

The American Family Association has just launched a letter and call-in campaign to have the Luke/Noah storyline removed from the day time soap opera As the World Turns.

Procter & Gamble has set up a 1-800 number to poll responses.

The number is 1-800-331-3774.
Press 1 for English/2 for Spanish [if you don't get this, don't worry, I didn't either].
Press 2 to get to that AtWT poll.
Then press 1 to tell them you want the storyline to continue.

Not linking to it because I don't even want you to accidentally click and give them traffic, but here is what they said:

Procter & Gamble has resumed using explicit, open-mouth homosexual kissing in their soap opera, “As the World Turns.” P&G decided to include this type of content as a commitment to “diversity.” P&G stopped showing such scenes some months ago, but has now decided to again help promote the homosexual agenda which includes homosexual marriage.

Gay activists are hopeful that the P&G effort will desensitize viewers to the homosexual lifestyle and help make the unhealthy and immoral lifestyle more acceptable to society, especially to children and youth.

View a scene from the April 23, 2008 episode by P&G. WARNING - content is repulsive!

“As the World Turns” is owned and controlled completely by P&G. No network made this decision. P&G alone made the decision to support the homosexual agenda.

I watch on Youtube, but even if you don't, please take a second to call. This isn't about Luke and Noah. The AFA doesn't care about them, specifically. This is about the fair portrayal of two gay teens and a couple. They can't be allowed to intimidate anyone into taking that off the air because it deserves to be shown just like any other couples' storyline.
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Posted using TxtLJ [Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 4:19PM]
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[Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 2:50PM]
Yes, some of you have seen this already.

So, help me out here, flist. I've got fics sitting on my computer that really need to be finished. Which should I do first?

Poll #1172008 The Unfinished Fic Poll

Which fic should I finish first?

An Apple a Day // Potter - Draco/Ron // PWP
Bibere Venenum In Auro // CCS - Sakura/Yue // Master/Slave!Kink
Over International Waters // Friends - Chandler/Monica // PWP
You Never Call Me Anymore // RPS - Will Ferrell/Sacha Baron Cohen // PWP

Wow, I write lots of porn. Oh well.

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Kerry Ann
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[Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 2:57PM]
Sorry if you've seen this twice.

So here's the deal, flist. Eddie Izzard is going to be in Dallas two days after my birthday. They haven't added the date to Ticketmaster yet, but the way its looking they'll probably go on pre-sale on Wednesday. What with buying a car and my car insurance going up a hundred bucks a month, I'm pretty much broke until my next check in two weeks. I have eighteen dollars in my account that's supposed to last me until the fifteenth.

If I don't get to go to this show, I'll seriously cry. So I'm reaching out to you guys, flist. The tix look as though they're going to be fifty bucks a piece. If four or five of you lend me 10 bucks I can go. Ten of you lend me ten bucks and Spencer can go to. Please yall. Ideally I need 100 bucks in my account by Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Seriously. It doesn't have to be ten, it could be five. Like I said, I have 18 dollars and so really, just for one ticket I could use 35 bucks. Please please please help me see this show.

Love and Other Indoor Sports
Kerry Ann

ETA: I still have gift cards for sale if you want them. Kohls and Sears (though I spent like thirty bucks on the Sears so Spencer could renew his inspection). Fifty and seventy if you want to help me out.
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WAH KERRY ANN NEEDS HELP PLZ [Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 12:28PM]
Sorry for those of you who have already seen this, but I thought I'd post this here too, since I really need the help.

Wow. So, selling a car? Not so much with the fun.

So, can anyone with experience help me out here? My main problem is the fact that I never got the title transfered into my name. Why didn't anyone tell me that was OMGIMPORTANT because I seriously had no idea. Anyway, I talked to the county tax office and he said that its really simple to do it, but it could take up to three weeks to get it. And I need a car like yesterday. I thought I read somewhere that if I take it in to trade at a dealership they don't require the title? That sounds pretty bogus to me and when I went back to check that page this morning to make sure I read it right I can't find the page. Does anyone know anything about that?

Now I'm thinking I should just waltz into a dealership and see what I can get. Put some sort of down payment, suck up crappy payments cause I have no credit and can't do better than that. And wait until I get the title to my current car before I sell it. How does that sound? Pretty shaky, I know but I really have no idea what to do. I'm going to do some research on some car dealerships around here that have cheap down payments and that will take people who have no credit.


Speaking of which, and I know what yall are going to say, but I'm thinking about applying for a credit card. I know that they're dangerous and lots of people get in trouble with them, but it would really help my credit and if I use it only for something small like gas or something then I could definitely pay that no problem. I'll even leave it in my glove compartment so I'm not tempted when I'm at the mall or something. Thoughts?

Wah, growing up kinda sucks.

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No Chance, No Way [Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 10:17AM]
I know this is probably the cheesiest thing ever, but if I don't do it then I'm going to feel sad about him for weeks. I need to get this off my chest so I can move on as a fan.

If I Close My Eyes I Can Pretend You're Still ThereCollapse )

Rest in peace, Heathcliff Andrew Ledger.

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Kerry Ann
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more fic stuff [Tue, Jan 8, 2008 at 1:05PM]
Title: Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
Author: Kerry Ann (thecenterlane OR ohsobulletproof (livejournal); slashxmoose (deviantart); FructoseLollipop (fanfiction dot net)
Pairing: none
Rating: PG 13 just cause
Summary: Its Harry's first birthday and everyone's invited, but Sirius and Remus are suspicious that the other is Voldemort's spy.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Feedback: Feedback is like sex. Always satisfying when you get some, but it’s awkward when it sucks. I love reviews but I'm not partial to flames. Please keep them to a minimum.
Notes: So, I decided to turn my Potter fic into a Fall Out Boy songset, this being the second of which. To avoid confusion, they are not all in the same story line, so there really isn't a connection between this one and the last one save the titles are both FOB songs. That said, the whole premise of this story is based off two lines from Prisoner of Azkaban that I've never seen expanded upon, nor is it ever mentioned again in the canon, so I thought I'd explore it a bit. The line:

“You don't believe this... wouldn't Sirius have told you they'd changed the plan?”
“Not if he thought I was the spy, Peter,” said Lupin. “I assume that's why you didn't tell me Sirius?” he said casually over Pettigrew's head.
“Forgive me, Remus,” said Black
“Not at all, Padfoot, old friend,” said Lupin, who was now rolling up his sleeves. “And in turn forgive me for believing you were the spy?”

I just feel in the sweep of the R/S shippers, writers tend to forget that there was a period of time that they suspected each other more than anyone else they knew. This is pretty harsh for a group of friends so close. So that's why this I wrote this. There is no pairing, and it’s as close to canon as I could manage. Please enjoy!

(James grinned and swung his young son high over his head, his smile widening at Harry's little giggles as he did so.)
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